Friday, January 12, 2007

Job Market

If anyone out there, like me, is looking for a job, I would highly recommend that they do not use Basically, here is what happened when I searched for a job on

I click "government and policy" as the category, hoping to find a think tank job
--> The jobs listed are "Engineer -- U.S. Army," "Truck Driver-- U.S. Air Force"

I click "marketing" as the category, hoping to find an advertising agency job
--> The jobs listed are "Recruiter -- U.S. Marines," "Ad Specialist -- U.S. Army"

So I click "Entertainment" as the category, figuring this has got to have some jobs I want
--> The first job is "Executive Assistant -- Disney, Inc."- Maybe not my thing, but fair enough at least it's in the civilian sector.
The next job is "Administrative Assitant -- Fox News Corp." - Again, close, but not quite there.
Then the next job is "You like entertaining? How about ENTERTAINING THE TROOPS! -- U.S.O."

Tired of the military shills at, I decided I'd look around for some jobs where I would tele-commute from home. Then I remembered from my past experience during an internship i had last winter that basically a day of tele-commuting goes like this:
-wake up at Noon
-strip down to t-shirt and boxers
-fire up the computer
-open work document
-minimize work document
-read blogs
-IM with Tom
-realize it's already 2PM
-order delivery food
-eat the food
-rub one out
-feel like shit because rubbing one out is what a chimp would do if he were in a lab experiment and the researcher told him to fill out an Excel spreadsheet
-fall asleep
-wake up at 5:30AM and hurriedly finish the work before real people's work day starts


Nostradamus said...

Fantastic post...

Eric said...

Nice, Dan.

I had a similar experience when looking for photography jobs online; only two things came up, but they appeared in every California city I searched in.

1) Photographer for the US Navy
2) Baby photographer at Walmart.

Yech, although maybe the Navy sounds kind of exciting, if you're into the whole Robert Capa thing.

That said, what I really wanted was a "position" at Vivid Video.

Nostradamus said...

Again, a masterpiece. It bears repeating...