Monday, January 15, 2007

You Know What Time It Is...

It's awards show time!

That means the return of me, That Girl, to give you wee bits of insider info and a whole lot of semi-sapphic enthusiasm for the finer specimens of my sex. Also, some hard-core hating of the ones I don't like. I have here with me this evening Lucy "Lucifer herself" Michel and Kyle "Miltron 3030" Miller to help and chirp in. Back in a few for some live-blog coverage of the Golden Globes, brought to you by the good men of Delino Deshields. If you're lucky, a few of your favorite Bergers may pop in. So stay tuned...

First, a pre-show observation. Keep in mind, I am full of two-buck chuck right now. Thank you Trader Joe's.
Everyone's talking about how sour Angelina was, and yeah she didn't talk much, but it's fucking Ryan Seacrest, and Brad's there to be congenial, so who give's a fuck? Also, all day blogs have been saying she's not happy with her dress and the good people of St. John were working to the last minute to make her happy, and I think she looked hot, but she was probably pissed that all the dress drama got out, or at least the St. John people were. My more generous thinking aside, Miltron says she's an ice-princess bitch and Lucifer wonders why someone with a hot guy on her arm can't be bothered to say two fucking words, so there you have it.

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