Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Gerald Ford content

"After he graduated in 1935 from the University of Michigan, he had offers to play professional football for either the Detroit Lions or the Green Bay Packers. Mr. Ford remained fascinated with sports, but he chose the law, a subject that had appealed to him since high school. He enrolled at Yale Law School." From Gerald Ford's obituary in the NYTimes

I haven't talked to Tom today but I imagine he read that paragraph and is now saying, "You go play football, Gerry. You go, enjoy it, it'll be great fun. Law school, schlaw school- this is the NBA- i mean NFL- we're talking about here!" despite the fact that Ford is now dead and in any case wouldn't have been competing with him to get into Yale Law.

p.s. check out the Ford SNL skit posted over at marquis

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