Monday, December 11, 2006

New Haven Coliseum Implosion Pending

From that paragon of journalistic excellence, the New Haven Register. Here is how the Register describes experience of the Staniewiczes, who won the lottery to push the plunger to implode the Coliseum:

The lucky winners, as chance would have it, are siblings Ben and Tori Staniewicz, 9 and 7, respectively, of Guilford. Their father, Jim Staniewicz, 48, of West Haven, drew the winning ticket from among 453 who participated, but decided his kids would get a bigger kick out of doing the deed.

"You never think you’re going to win," Staniewicz said. "I’m that proverbial guy."

Staniewicz, an engineer with the New Haven Parking Authority, fondly recalls the many Nighthawks hockey games and rock concerts at the Coliseum. The most memorable was Bruce Springsteen, Staniewicz said, though Jethro Tull and the Beach Boys weren’t too shabby either.

"We all had good memories there, and it’s sad to say goodbye to ... a building that brought so much fun and enjoyment to so many people," he said. "Now in its final hour, it’s going to be one final performance and we’ve looking forward to being part of that big bang."

Ben went to a Ringling Bros. circus at the Coliseum years ago, but doesn’t remember it. Nonetheless, he’s looking forward to blowing the arena into history books next year.

"It’s gonna be cool," Ben said.


Nostradamus said...

Masterpiece! And you wrote almost no copy! The tags alone make it worthwhile.

the actual rod said...

Yeah, the tags are bullshit.

So now it's okay to just talk shit about me because I don't write ironic copy anymore?

I hope you all die.