Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Your Man on the Ground Part 2: Washington, DC

A couple weeks back there was a protest of the Iraq War in the nation's capital, and yours truly was on hand to witness it and participate in it. There was, simultaneously, a counter-protest by psychotic Vietnam veterans and sundry jingoistic automatons. These people called me and my companion "Commie," "Traitor," "Dirty Hippie," told us we "don't deserve freedom" but at the same time smirkingly asked "you enjoying that freedom we provide for you?" How indiscriminately slaughtering brown people (in Vietnam or Iraq) makes me more free is beyond me, but I'll show you both sides of the argument:




Beneficent Allah said...

Yankee go home!

Mulatto Jesus said...

The logic in the last sign is unfathomable!

Beneficent Allah said...

fuck the jews!