Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Right when Hurricane Katrina hit, I remember Tom harping on the idea that all of the New Orleans residents in the Lower 9th Ward should have had insurance. As insurance currently works, you would get back enough money to cover the costs of your house, possessions, etc., but it would still suck for a hurricane to tear down your house.

But we were recently discussing the idea of having insurance that paid back more than just the bare bones- it would pay you enough so that you'd be indifferent between a hurricane happening and one not happening. The newscaster would announce a hurricane warning and you'd be like (sarcastic voice) "Oh no! PLEASE don't let that HURRICANE hit, I'm SOOOO scared!"

This concept could be expanded even further; you'd get insured for any possible bad thing that could happen, and then you'd be completely fearless. "Oh, Mr. Bad Man, DON'T SODOMIZE me! You have AIDS too, oh NOW I'M REALLY FRIGHTENED". "Where's this train going? AUSCHWITZ? Nooo, PLEASE don't send me to AUSCHWITZ (wink at camera)" Come to think of it, that last one would make a good ad for Allstate Holocaust Insurance- "You're in good hands with Allstate"


Matt said...

Even if you have insurance, you can still lose everything--most "Windstorm" insurance policies sold in coastal areas do not cover flood damage. Many insurance claims from Katrina are still being litigated.

Anonymous said...

most boring comment ever.