Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Redux

With Halloween coming up any day now, I figured I'd spread the holiday cheer with a little anecdote that I forgot to post about a month ago.

Me: Hey AG, you know where we're going later tonight?

AG: Uh, Tom's House?

Me: OK, OK, but after that?

AG: a bar?

Me: OK, right a bar but WHERE?

AG: I think it's in the East Village, right? Tom is that right?

Me: OK, OK but what more specifically?

AG: Um, near the Astor Place subway?

Me: OK, right, but WHAT STREET?

AG: Oh, the Bowery


(Everyone laughs hysterically)


Anonymous said...

I thought you guys were going to GRAM your one-eyed snakes at the VAMPIRE state building...

Beneficent Allah said...

don't be scurred

mr. wrongway said...

I remember when AG was terror level orange for halloween. I did not dress up. I chose that day to premerie a silly new beenie and everyone kept asking me if I was supposed to be a skater (or something).

mr. wrongway said...

maybe I was a poser