Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lester returns

Lester's alter-ego Matt, is back in the blogosphere. Though this blog is nominally about the show Californication, expect copious references to Congdon, Munz, and sex with 65-year-old Serbian house cleaners. This blog has pretty serious relevance to me, because you see my family is in the entertainment industry. You see my Mom is on the fringes of several "Save This Show" campaigns, including Deadwood, Traveler, and Seinfeld. And I was one of only three viewers of Discussion Section with Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, a short-lived, jeez how do I encapsulate this in just a one-line pitch "Jim Lehrer for the college set." for more info on the show, check this article out and scroll to the middle of the page:

Anyway, here is the Lester-blog:

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