Monday, May 12, 2008

CNN Content Part 1- a Scene

Setting: Motel off the highway in Myrtle Beach, SC (site of a Democratic Primary debate)

[Rhonda, a prostitute smoking a Virginia Slims cigarette, stands on the motel's terrace]

[Rhonda cautiously opens the door to room 203]

[REVEAL PEEK OF ROOM INTERIOR- S & M toys everywhere, whips, chains, ball gags, leather outfits]

[REVEAL AS DOOR OPENS FULLY THAT WOLF BLITZER is in the front of the room at the doorway. Wolf is completely naked except for a pair of argyle socks around his ankles]

Wolf Blitzer: Welcome... to the SITUATION ROOM!

Rhonda: Listen guy, it's 200 dollars for the hour. (looking around in disgust) It'll be an extra 100 if you want to use any of the shit in this crazy dungeon.

Wolf Blitzer: You mean the Situation Room!

Rhonda: Hey Beardie- in case you haven't noticed, we're in a Motel 6 off I-95.

[REVEAL LARRY KING sitting at a desk in the corner of the room]
[LARRY KING is wearing suspenders, a necktie, and a wife-beater. An old-timey microphone sits in front of him, with the cord dangling and unconnected to anything]

Rhonda (noticing Larry King): Why is this owly-lookin' motherfucker here?

Larry King: I'm an observer of the human condition. I take the bad with the good. Our guest tonight - this man has been described as "hung like Bernie Shaw in the old days"- please welcome Wolf Blitzer to the program.

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