Saturday, May 03, 2008


So a while back, I decided I'd try my hand at cybersquatting. When all the John Mark Karr hubbub was going on a while back, I snagged the domain name Realizing that the story was fizzling out for the moment, I decided I'd make its debut right when the story was getting HOT again. So with Karr mania sweeping the country once more, I hired Nosferatu to write - enjoy.

On another note, Finnegan has been blogging up a storm over at Check out this Finnegan-Wieseltier smackdown! I read every comment on that. Twice. Nut quote: "Uh, wow. Ontology is a subfield within metaphysics, numbnuts."


John Allen Muhammed said...

I'm watching you.

Anonymous said...

I read Koffler's post. And I have to agree with Wieseltier, Sullivan IS gay.

Also, I'm watching a "Hot for Words" video on youtube now.