Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring suggestions

Ahh, last Saturday! It was a lovely spring afternoon- flowers blooming, birds chirping, young couples frolicking... all things I saw through my window as i sat drenched in ball sweat and human filth, watching MSNBC for six hours while my laptop had Huffington Post pulled up on Firefox. As I watched MSNBC shuffle its talking heads around different shows, during The Tim Russert Show I had a realization. CNN brands itself as "The Most Trusted Name In News"-- why doesn't MSNBC come out with a new slogan? Each of the shows could even have their own as well. After a long day viewing, this is what I came up with:

MSNBC: The Ugliest Team in Cable News

The Tim Russert Show: 3 experts. 50 years of political experience. 0 prom dates

Tim Russert- The old guy with a paunch standing alone in the corner of the bar.

Chuck Todd- Like Flight of the Conchords' Murray, but LESS suave.

David Gregory- You can't quite put your finger on it (is it the squinting?) but god damn it - SO FUCKING UGLY!

The Tim Russert Show: Expert analysis. Exclusive Interviews. Painfully uncomfortable interactions with women


Your Ball Sweat said...

Whatever happened to Phil Donahue?

Matt said...

"...painfully uncomfortable interactions with women."

Amazing work.

Nosferatu said...

So satisfying!

H.Bomb said...

The Chuck Todd/Murray comparison is better than any of those "Separated at Birth" things. Best blog ever.

Nostradamus said...

Way too kill off Russert!