Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Tom Times: Sports Section

Tired of what he sees as the horrible biases and inaccuracies present in the Mainstream Media, Tom has decided to launch his own newspaper, the Tom Times. Here is a preview of an article from the sports section, which will be in tomorrow's inaugural print edition:

NEW YORK, NY - The Boston Random-Number Generators bested the New York Random-Number Generators tonight, with a final score of 4 to 2. Starting with the first pitch, some completely fucking random shit that was essentially the result of a Monte Carlo simulation happened. On hand were 60,000 screaming morons who have no concept of probability theory.

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Anonymous said...

I am going to Baysenian-ly infer that subscriptions to the "Tom Times" will be n, where n represents the set of all real numbers between 0 and 1.