Friday, April 25, 2008

Pesach Nugget

A little Pesach JewBlogging I have to sneak in before it's over. From a New York Times article about Maricopa, AZ, a recently constructed sprawling residential exurb 40 miles outside of Phoenix:

“If it wasn’t for Teri being here, I’d shoot myself,” Weiss told me. “You know I’m the only Jew in this whole city?”

“You’re not the only Jew here,” Parks-Fox said. “What about Mark, the skinny guy with glasses?”

Weiss scoffed. “Mark? The first thing he told me when I met him was that he had just seen ‘The Passion of the Christ.’ ”

“You can’t be the only Jew in town,” Fox said.

“I checked the phone book,” Weiss told him.

“I’ve read that phone book,” Fox said. “I see lots of Shnitzes and Sals.”

“Those aren’t Jewish names, Daryl,” Weiss said.

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Anonymous said...

Is this Pesach Nugget leavened? Because it sure added levity!