Thursday, April 17, 2008

Liberals finally freeeee

As any liberal who watches and reads conservative media knows, the conservative media's depiction of liberal America makes liberals out to be total radicals who have no respect for decency or for human life, who will do anything in the name of "art", and whose moral relativism makes them completely out of touch with mainstream values. Oftentimes we point to young liberals doing great charity work in the Congo or inner city schools to prove, wait, hey "we're just as moral as you guys, if not more so." And it's true. But that doesn't stop the O'Reillys and Coulters of the world- they still depict liberals in the same way.

So that's why I was so happy that Eric sent me this article from the YDN. This girl has learned the valuable lesson of the last decade- don't bother trying to fight your political enemy's stereotypes of you, EMBRACE THEM! This story has every conservative meme you can think of all rolled into one:

-liberal Jew
-Ivy League
-Art Major
-Having abortions ON PURPOSE- fuck "sanctity of human life"- and videotaping them to show
-Going one step further by smearing dead fetus blood in the name of Art (shades of the Giuliani elephant dung?)

There will be a lot of liberals trying to distance themselves from this girl. I say, fuck it! She's just acting out on all the desires we liberals try to suppress out of fear of right-wingers. Liberal women's inner monologues are always saying "It's Saturday night and I don't have any plans- I just want to HAVE AN ABORTION, for kicks, to let off some steam! But no, no, I'll go out drinking like a good little girl. Don't want to offend people." But thanks to Aliza Shvarts, you're free now, gals! See, it wasn't so bad. What's the next step- Stem Cell-tinis at hip downtown clubs? Murderers sentenced to a lifetime... of HUGS? The possibilities are endless...

From: Aliza Shvarts
To: Dan
Date: April 17, 2008

HAHAHA look at the date... and subtract 16 days from it. You got splayed, you naive liberal! DOWN WITH MORAL HAZARD!



Bismarck said...

I heard that in addition to recreational bathtub abortions she is also into Spider-Webbing...

Anonymous said...

When you are eating a Girl out and u sneeze on her pussy and your snot that you sneezed connects to her pussy looking a like gooey spider web

I sneezed on her pussy and with all the extra snot that came out my moth and nose it looked like a spider web

Anonymous said...

Her last name sort of sounds like Shart, as in Shit+Fart.

Coincidence? I think not.

- Anonymous Argentinian chocolate lover (no, not that kind of chocolate.)

mr. wrongway said...

splayed babies, babies got splayed. great post. i actually saw aliza today, or at least her boots. she was talking with some semi-important looking elders and I thoughtsafe not to approach.