Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Natural Disasters a marketing disaster

What is with these tornadoes in the South, possible earthquakes in California, and sundry other natural disasters? Looks like someone didn't get the memo. Newsflash, Nature- natural disasters are soooo '90s! Terrorism is in, baby!

Gone are those innocent days when the family would gather around the television hearth and watch Wolf Blitzer animatedly describe Hurricane Andrew or El Nino while the reporter on the ground got pummeled with wind and rain.

Now it's all Mohammed el-this and Mahdi that. But I guess I don't blame Nature for trying to stay relevant in the current times. I mean there's a lot of re-invention going on out there; look at Converse with those All-Stars shoes that all the hipsters wear or Atari's renaissance. Maybe Nature can draw on our generation's nostalgia for those good ol' days. But the marketplace can be a cruel mistress and Nature should have something else in the pipeline if it wants to survive, or else fickle consumers could make Natural Disasters the new Tamagotchis.

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Anonymous said...

I dread Hurricane Muhammed.