Saturday, May 31, 2008

Matthew Yglesias withdrawal

So for the last 14 DAYS I have not read Matthew Yglesias's blog, an act which used to be as integral to my morning routine as eating a bagel with scallion cream cheese. This was started as a test of self-control and so far I am passing... barely. I have kept a log some of the my inner thoughts since then:

Day 1: Missing the educated liberal slant on the day's issues, but whatever I can get my fix elsewhere

Day 4: Early stages of withdrawal- the other blogs just won't do. My doctor tells me to try Ezra Klein, but it is too health care-y.

Day 6: Withdrawal starts to kick in. Having visions of occasional NBA content.

Day 9: Night sweats, need my fix of rants about the wonders of public transportation

Day 14: Full-on withdrawal, I am muttering to myself "Must have... assurances to libertarians that he's not a doctrinaire liberal... feed me... smug anti-gun-control posts"

But I'm hanging in there, just take it day by day.


Tom said...

more "occasional NBA content" content!

Eric said...

No NBA content whatsoever!

Stick to the basics!

Good post, but who is Matthew Yglesias?

You should check out the Drudge Report. Ever see it? That guy has the scoop on all the latest shit.

Beneficent Allah said...

I feel the same way since I stopped listening to JULIO Iglesias/talking about AG during l'amour