Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 Wrap-up

Oh what a year it's been. We here at Delino decided that now was a good time to take a look back at the Best- and Worst - of 2006.

Best natural disaster: Hurricanes? That was SO 2005. The HOT natural disaster of 2006 was Wildfires!

Worst Corporate Merger: This award has to go to Bank of America and MBNA. Seriously, who hooked these two up? Must have been the guy that introduced O.J. to Nicole!

Worst Overplayed Story: Some American kid went to Iraq, blah blah blah. Did I have to hear about it every day of the year?

Worst Dressed: President Bush took the cake in this category. Vertical stripes on the shirt and diagonal stripes on the tie? At least ol' Georgie will have no trouble mediating disputes in the CLASHmir region!

Best Album: The Strokes' First Impressions of Earth. This album was OK.


Rich said...

Yeah, and what was with Actual God taking the ENTIRE year off?

Tom said...

Did he make the post? You know it. Dan’s just that good. Hey, if he thinks I had anything to do with it, so be it. I’m not telling.

the actual rod said...

tom, you expect accolades just because you post as dan? the public is smarter than that--but take heart, clashmir wasn't bad.

Anonymous said...

i wanna know why you think the BofA/MBNA merger was a bad idea

Nostradamus said...

As an MBNA stock owner, I'm thrilled! As a BoA customer, I'm dismayed!

BTW, what's the deal with Immortalized? Is Munz really suing, or is it another ruse? Feel no obligation to respond.