Friday, January 20, 2006

What the Berzelius?

Straight from the Yale rumor mill:

Students are concerned that there was perhaps a little more than the usual grain in the alcohol at the Berzelius masquerade ball this past Tuesday night. Apparently, a quite large number of party attendees who swear they did not drink "that much" or "almost never" blackout can't remember a fucking thing and are just a tad freaked out about it. As we know that no students would choose to drink so much on a Tuesday night as to blackout, surely the fault must lie elsewhere, but where?

What to do, who's to blame, and just how intense will the fallout be? Only time will tell friends, only time will tell.


Dan said...

Amazing content- this is turning into a veritable Gawker New Haven. Or is it Defamer New Haven?

liam said...

SaneIn New Haven, I think.