Tuesday, January 10, 2006

60 Second Conspiracy Theory #1

In all the hullabaloo about these recent Iraqi elections, we've failed to keep our eye on the ball about why the U.S. got into the war in the first place. There's of course the farcical Bush rhetoric about "spreading freedom and democracy," and then there's the equally zany "Cheney-Halliburton -blood for oil" theory. But, fair reader, I posit another paradigm altogether in a new segment I like to call 60 Second Conspiracy Theory. And... GO:

In the 1990s Jerry Haleva played Saddam Hussein in hit movies like Hot Shots! and The Big Lebowski, but during the early 2000's, with Hussein out of the news, Haleva was being relegated to obscure TV movies and films. Haleva, eager to regain some attention, used his extensive connections to AIPAC (American-Israel PAC, a favorite of President Bush) to get Bush's ear, and made a deal with Bush whereby Bush would drum up interest in Hussein by entering into war with Iraq- in exchange for a donation from Haleva. Sure enough, soon after Operation Iraqi Freedom began in March 2003 and Haleva got the attention he sought, Haleva made the promised donation to Bush (see the bottom of the page) And THAT's how it really went down!


Anonymous said...

how does he (Dan) do it?!


Rich said...

now that is what I'm talking about!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, I love you.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I want your baby

(to eat)