Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Delino SCOOP: Joe Lieberman reacts to Imus Controversy

I know that most Delino Scoops come straight from the Oval Office, but this time we have a scoop from the Office of Senator Joe Lieberman. That's right, Joe Lieberman (who Actual Rod and I helped defeat in the CT primary), who is friendly with radio shock jock Don Imus, is prepared to leap to Imus's defense in the Rutgers basketball kerfuffle. For those of you not in the know, Imus called the black members of the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" and referred to them as "jigaboos and wannabes." In response to the ensuing controversy and outrage, here is Senator Joe Lieberman (this press release should go out later today) insisting that the conservative Mr. Imus has been totally misrepresented:

From the Desk of Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT):
I want to tell my fellow Americans that I have known Don Imus for many years now and he is a great friend and a great American. The comments he made on his radio program were a complete aberration. As I well know, Don Imus usually uses the term "Aunt Jamima crack whores" or "Brillo pad-haired apes" when referring to African-American women, not "nappy-headed ho" or"jigaboo." I just wanted to clear the air on this thing.


Eric said...

Brillo-pad... LOL.

Dan, do you know if Howard Stern has said anything about this yet? I don't have a radio.


(What would Jerry Orbach's Eyeball's Do?)

Anonymous said...

Howard brought up that, Don Imus made a racist statement on the air. Howard then recalled Imus confronted a black female co-worker in the halls of WNBC in the 80s and made racist comments to her, but management, which he said did know about the incident, did nothing. Robin said she saw this and was once a victim herself. Howard said he can’t believe the paper says Imus is “a wildly popular” radio host, but it does accurately quote Imus’ comments about the Rutgers female basketball team. Howard said it’s funny how the guy’s true colors keep showing through.

Howard said some of his terrestrial radio replacements had a 0.0 rating in Los Vegas, which Artie recognized the number as Blutarski’s GPA in “Animal House.” Just mentioning “Animal House” started Artie reciting, from memory, a scene from the movie. Howard says any other personality would be fired for such comments, adding that, in terms of some of the other things Imus has said in the past, this isn’t really that bad. Howard went on to say that Imus is a horrible human being, and “if there’s a blackened core of a human being, that’s Imus”.

Howard then played clips from Imus’ apology. Robin said Imus always apologizes, but he never changes. Howard said his name keep being brought up in the articles, but the difference between them is that Howard’s not racist.

Beneficent Allah said...

damn jiggaboo, you and the reverend Al Sharpton are the only niggas man enough to stand up to this racist asshole.

btw isn't jiggaboo a term of affection? I used to call my girlfriend that.

Beneficent Allah said...

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