Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Day at the Beach... eeeessss Video

While staying with Actual God in LA during the second part of my Western sojourn, documentarian BK chronicled a typical day for Dan and AG. Enjoy:


Beneficent Allah said...

thank goodness something new to masturbate to, peaches was getting so old

the minority touches are my favorite part

mr. wrongway said...

favorite parts:

1. You boys on the bridge
2. When Dan helps AG's right arm on the press (giving him uneven titties, you sly competitive bastard).
3. Dan's bulge while AG helps him pull up.
4. The made shot (obv)
5. Dainty steps in the sand.


AG's sideburns! (for running the entire length of his ears)

Mulatto Jesus said...

Which one is Rugby Dan?

mr. wrongway said...

the big man, with no clothes on.

Rich said...

great fade out of the music at the end.

is there behind the scenes footage of the one-handed jumper shooting asian guy?