Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Breaking News!

Tom's neighborhood is getting its first Walgreens! I walked by the construction site yesterday. You know what this means- more trips to Tom's place and more 6-packs of Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale plus "New Haven, Connecticut" sweatshirts for under $10 combined.

Hat Tip to AG for all of his Walgreens coverage


mr. wrongway said...

the hat tip coverage wins cleverest remark of the year, hear that nostro?

Beneficent Allah said...

wtf! I cover madd walgreens!

Although now it's all about effectsall.

Beneficent Allah said...

Interaction between me and Rexall guy in Hollywood at 3 a.m.

Me: "wow! I've never been to Rexall! You have such a wider selection than Walgreens! Rexall is so much better!"

Rexall guy: "Ya is a little bit bedder"

The ACTUAL God said...

good work sleuth