Friday, May 25, 2007


Al, I hope you still read Delino, and I miss your posts- The Chick-Fil-A one stands out in my memory but they're all great. Tom and I were in New Haven yesterday and it reminded us of Al, which got me thinking of how Al should have a catchphrase now that he does all these poker interviews. Tom reminded me of something Al used to say a lot, so here is how I think he could work it into conversation.

Norman Chad: So Al, how does it feel to win the World Series of Poker? The BIG ONE! The Big Kahuna!

Al: Pretty good, I guess.

Norman Chad: And now our very own Monica Starwood will put the silver bracelet on Alex's wrist.

(Enter Monica Starwood- stunning blond bombshell who has a ton of cleavage showing. She has an ample bosom and is literally spilling out of her dress)

Al: Looks like the Dairy Section is open.


Al wearing a "Looks like the Dairy Section is open" T-shirt, holding a "Looks like the Dairy Section is open" mug, smiling and giving a thumbs up. The catchprase has


Rich said...

i think that al might say his catch phrase about the state governors' first lady babe of the month...

Beneficent Allah said...

That's a nice antos-cock ya got there!

mr. wrongway said...

monica starwood crosses, uncrosses her legs.
Al: smells like the dairy section is open.

Eric said...

Pretty good, I guess.