Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Terror Plots"

Here's a question - why is it that every time a new "terror plot" is "exposed" by the government, we never hear about it again? Perhaps it's because they never result in prosecutions since what really happened every time was:

Serbian Woman who just got off boat: Vat... heat... today?

Retarded Congolese boy: HOTTTT!! Ice cweam!

FBI Undercover Agent: So you guys want to blow up an American Army Base? Right, right. (nudges)

Serbian Woman who just got off the boat: Vat? Amereeeca- yes!

FBI Undercover Agent: And you're going to blow up this army base for Allah, right, right? (nudges)

Retarded Congolese boy: All.... ahboard! TWAIN!!!

FBI Undercover Agent: That's it, you're under arrest for plotting terrorist activities!


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