Tuesday, June 28, 2005

History on this computer

I'm in an internet cafe in Milan, and I'm scouring the web as I am wont to do. I accidentally close a window I was looking at, and in order to find what the site address was, I look at "today's history" for the computer. I find my site about the evils of Scientology rather quickly, but then I look through all the other sites that have been visited today on this computer. Here is a sampling to give you the flavor: www.seductive-gay-porn.com, www.seeking4men.com, www.sickgay.com, www.sexysoldiers.com, www.aboutgay.com, www.topstuds.com, etc. etc. it goes on in this vein. I take a more thorough look through the list and see that literally every site except the ones I looked at were gay porn. Then I see something strange, this biography (with photo) of former Secretary of State James Baker is in there too. Looks like Jamie Kirchick beat me to this computer. I am now going to place my precious blogging fingers into a vat of lye and hope for the best.

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