Thursday, July 07, 2005

Congdon does Europe

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Apparently, just at the time that Rich and I were in Europe, so was Bulldog Burrito owner Jason Congdon. Apparently Congdon was attempting to find franchisees across the pond, but to no avail. He did, however, sell one quesadilla "no guac" to a Spanish gypsy pauper woman for 25 euro cents, after he graciously threw a Lego Deluxe Police Set into the deal. So he deemed the trip "the equivalent of an El Grande Loco Burrito," which apparently means it was good. Here are a couple pics he e-mailed me...

Here's the aforementioned sale:

And a "get out the name" event on the coast of Ireland:


Gao Ong Ji said...

Jee soo mo bai! Jee Soo! You sih at counta! No taba! Oh, well excuse me and greetings. It's me, the tiny petulant Ivy noddle waiter with disgusting scraggly whiskers hanging from my chin.

I ran into our dear Jason this morning when I was unloading tapioca pearls off a dilapidated truck. You should have seen him. He jumps off the CT Limo van. He's coming straight from the airport mind you. And then he just explodes into his store, kissing the tables, throwing the chip baskets into the air like caps at a commencement, rough-housing the 15 inch non-flat screen, ill-wired, poorly placed TV. It was like all of Bulldog Burrito became an actual live bulldog, a pet Jason had missed so despondently during his travels in the motherland.

Sorry if I seem standoffish in person,by the way, but I just find my command of this delightful language to be much more voluble in prose.

Tom said...

That's it, I'm turning in my Blogger's License. Give it to this commenter immediately.

I thought I could blog, but then I met you, man...Then I Met You.

Senor Bulldog Burrito said...

I've been bloggggggggggged - ole' ole' ole'
Thank you for taking me to Europe - I needed a break from 320 Elm St. Next time, please send over a grilled chicken burrito with guac - my favorite!!! And I would love to ride over Niagra Falls in a barrel for my next adventure!!!
Adios mis amigos!