Monday, February 21, 2005

An amazing site

This should be required reading for everyone in america:

More specifically, here is a great expose of Dick Cheney as a child rapist.
Here is the money quote:
Cheney was talking as he paced around me: “I could stuff you and mount you like a jackalope and call you a two-legged dear. Or I could stuff you with this (he unzipped his pants to reveal his oversized penis) right down to your throat and then mount you. Which do you prefer?”

And for a list of members of the Illuminati:
George Bush:
US President and Vice President, head of the CIA, and a stream of other leading roles in the Illuminati. Satanist, mind controller, torturer of children and adults, pedophile, shape-shifting reptilian, and major drug runner. Serial killer. Nice man.

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