Friday, February 25, 2005

Cardplayer writers who don't write about strategy are terrible

Thanks, Vince Burgio, for this informative article about poker. I mean I never looked at it that way. You should really send this writing sample to the New Yorker. A quote:

"Maybe not as obnoxious, but just as silly (at least to me), is watching every week to see which guy or girl the handsome or beautiful most eligible bachelor or bachelorette will choose as his or her mate for life. Yeah, sure! I wouldn’t want to bet that any of these couples will see their golden wedding anniversary.

And who in his right mind could compare any silliness of poker to that show they call Big Brother, where the house is bugged with cameras and every move of the contestants is televised."

Zing!® and Double Zing!® Boy, Vince, you really stuck it to those reality TV shows. And the passive voice, the repetition of "or" 4 times in one sentence, the "Yeah, sure!" - move over Hemingway, it's Burgio time.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Tom McEvoy.
-Reader mail whining about bad beat
-Him explaining that it was a good move anyway
-Hopefully we'll meet in the winner's circle!

See, I can imitate Dan's imitative humor with the best of them.

Anonymous said...

Go eat shoots and leaves