Tuesday, February 22, 2005

International Squash Rankings

Just in from International Squash Association Headquarters in Zurich, the International Squash rankings:

1. Julian Illingworth -- this was a tough decision
2. Noah Heymann -- a devastating two-wall shot near the front, goddamnit why does it work so well
3. Eric Lieberman -- despite only one day of matches, this little scamp shot up in the rankings
4. Dan Berger- a perfect blend of speed. strength, intelligence and agility - will soon be #1
5. Rich Berger -- some call him "Dan-lite" because he's just a little worse than Dan in every aspect
6. Dave Lieberman -- a finesse player, gets kudos for not having a cheap serve
7. Molly Swartz- pretty good... for a girl. The Annie Duke of squash.
8. Alex Jacob -- has the agility of an oak tree. But his 2-2 record vs. Joe clearly shows his superiority.
9. Joe Boonsiri -- a quick learner, good forehand. Needs to work on footwork.
10. Stephen Hawking -- what he lacks in a physical game, he makes up for in mental game.
11. Tom Lehman -- (no, not the golfer) wins too many points on serve, has dropped in ranking due to the computer formula - mostly due to his weak strength of schedule.

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Dan said...

a) update your blog more often
b) you have multiple spelling mistakes
c) you're so lucky and terrible