Sunday, February 27, 2005


In honor of the Oscars, I watched Ray just now. What a piece of shit movie. The plot was pretty much Ray loses sight, Ray makes gold record, Ray gets married, Ray gets addicted to heroin, Ray makes gold record, Ray has a mistress, Ray gets arrested, Ray gets clean and has a gold record. The story was told literally in that "this happened then that happened then this happened" kind of way, with no attachment to the characters or to any particular storyline.
I would have much preferred if it had turned out that Ray was never famous and successful, but in fact one of his friends was an asshole who put him in small rooms and played the sound of loud applause to trick him into thinking he was in a concert hall. Which brings me to my next point- how the fuck does the Braille number system work? You'd think they'd make it so 1 was one dot, 2 was two dots, etc. with each digit 0-9. But it's completely random and weird. That is really Ray Charles' greatest accomplishment, figuring out the Braille number system.

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