Friday, October 21, 2005

Max and the Wiz

To take refuge from a rainy Friday last week, the Delino family huddled next to the radio in our living room with some hot cocoa and marshmallows. Rich wanted to listen to the Yale-Cornell Cross Country meet, but we convinced him that we should instead listen to some commentary about the great issues of the day. And so we turned our dial to 1340 WYBC AM, and found Max and the Wiz (Fridays, 5 PM).

Max and the Wiz began with an slick anchor voice intoning, "Max and the Wiz- the show where we give you OUR take on today's hottest issues." But almost immediately, this suave disembodied voice was replaced by two lisping dorks, Max, and of course the Wiz. Check out one of their Crossfire-style exchanges--

Max: Ssso, what'sss newsss today. Let'sss sssee. Oh, a new law on the booksss requiresss PORN actorsss to regissster to make sssure they aren't children. The Wiz, your take on thisss isssue?

The Wiz: Huh. Umm. (5 second pause) Yeah, I guesss. Well. It'sss a ssslippery ssslope, ssso you have to, uh, be careful.

Max: Yeah. Uhh. (5 second pause) That'sss a good analysssisss. Although I think... (5 second pause) Never mind. Umm, yeah. Moving on....
Look out Hannity and Colmes!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Jewish Hour at 10am, followed right after by Islam in Focus.

Anonymous said...

Aren't those the geniuses who Finnegan mentioned in a not at all self-aggrandizing post to be found here. Interesting how he fails to mention precisely how much the show sucks. Almost like he only cares about the promotion of his own blinkered, small-minded agenda. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

twenteeeeee fourr is the highest numbah. twenteeeeee fourr

Louis Joshua Koch said...

I am offended, shocked, and horrified by your totally inaccurate and mean-spirited portrayal of the WYBC show "Max and The Wiz." I have traveled across the country stumping for numerous prominent Democratic candidates including the 2004 campaign of Senator John F. Kerry for President. I have spoken on and participated in many media forums, including many radio and television broadcasts. I have not yet encountered a more intelligent, witty, and influential student forum than "Max and The Wiz." You state, falsely that Messrs. Sklar and Wiznia lisp. They do not. They are both well-spoken, sharp, and analytical. You additionally imply that this is a small-minded, "dorky" show. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is possible that you choose not to partake in local New Haven or Yale student politics. However, if you did, you would be well aware that if it were not for "Max and The Wiz," with their gripping, informative, and influential interview of Board of Aldermen candidate Nick Shalek, shortly before this past election, Mr. Shalek would most likely have not one an upset bid against his entrenched and well-funded opponent. "Max and The Wiz" represents the future of informed debate and dialogue, effectual dialogue, among students and young adults in our country. To be hoodwinked into thinking this is not the case simply states your ignorance, and that which is represented by your blog.

Anonymous said...

oh, wow, he "one" his election, eh? sweet. don't give all the credit to the radio show - i'll bet you're the reason he "one," genius. sometimes words that sound the same are spelled differently.