Monday, October 10, 2005

My Super Sweet 16

Has anyone ever caught this show? This is fucking amazing! The moral of every episode is that as long as you act like a spoiled little cunt, everything will turn out perfectly.

Acutal quote: After her limo broke down, Amanda lamented, "This is bullshit! I have to show up to my party in an Acura?!"


Late edit: another episode came on with triplet spoiled bitches! And all each one of them does the whole time is try to look the prettiest! This is actually amazing. Check out this exchange:

Triplet #1: Don't wear those earrings, they're too big. You don't want to look like an idiot.
Triplet #2: Listen, I know your hair didn't really turn out the way you wanted it to, and your makeup is a little too heavy, but you just need to calm down.
Triplet #1: You're an evil whore.


This show is like heroin. Next episode. The girl and her friends are making a list of people who aren't invited to her party. This list is aptly entitled "The Losers." What are they going to do with this list? God, this is like an awesome mind puzzle!


Anonymous said...

we want the return of Eric! (and his Chess Babes!!)

Nostradamus said...

Great post. And great call on the Dal-Phi game. I'm truly humbled.

Tihomir “Tigertad” Titschko said...


Eric no longer blogs at Delino, he now runs his own Chess Babes website in his sparetime:

In addition to dedicating his time to, he is currently representing Team USA during competitions at WCB tournaments: