Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Our Rodney King

(Editor's Note: This post is from the Delino archives and has recently been re-approved for posting.)

The blogosphere was hit hard this week when one of our own was attacked by the New Haven police. New Haven's High Street was transformed into South Central circa 1991 as the Actual God took an undeserved trip downtown following an altercation with an angry cop outside the Oxford Apartments. Actual God, who lives at the Oxford (something the YDN article neglects to mention), was on his own steps, enlightening the crowds with his mere presence, when Officer Mark Francia saw fit to disturb the peace. Officer Francia has experience arresting innocent college kids for no reason, so I guess ultimately we should not be entirely shocked by his behavior. Nevertheless, his actions were outrageous and should not be tolerated.

Furthermore, I think that there is a subtext to this incident that has not been mentioned. I think that Francia knew about the Actual God's blog and was thus firing the first shot in the impending war between the bloggers and the New Haven police. Be wary Kingspawn, watch your back Nostradamus, and comment very carefully Anonymous Flamer. The coppers are looking for any excuse to bring you down.

Meanwhile, here at Delino, we will back our blogging brethren 100% and do our best to prevent a major blogging riot from breaking out in the coming weeks.


Rich said...

I just read Nostradamus' similar reference to Rodney King, which was a good post as well. I wrote my post, however, before I read his. Sorry for the confusion. This just shows the blogosphere's outpouring of affection for one of its own.

See this link for more details.


Anonymous said...

I'm outraged.

Fuck Defilippo. Let's get pops on this one.

Nostradamus said...

Ironically enough, I was also beaten by the cops a few years back, though under slightly more justified auspices than AG... Lucy suggested that this (AG's) beating was blog related, and we were delighted to find you had already postulated as much in this skillful and insightful post.

Nostradamus said...

Oh yeah, you can direct link to posts by clicking on the time below the post, like so.

Anonymous said...

fuck the ydn

the actual rod said...

my name is rod