Sunday, May 01, 2005

Back To The Future Trivia Game

Which one of these facts is not true about Crispin Glover, who played George McFly in Back To The Future?

(A) Crispin refused to be a part of the BTTF sequels. In response, the movie-makers re-used footage of him from the first film along with another actor in prosthetics and heavy make up to create the impression that Crispin was in the movie. The other actor, Jeffrey Weisman, whose credits include a guest spot on "Saved By the Bell" as Screech's Guru in episode: "Rockumentary", was instructed to essentially do his best Crispin Glover impression. Crispin then successfully sued the producers, who included "Hook" director Steven Spielberg.

(B) In July 1987, Crispin appeared on the David Letterman show in a wig and big platform shoes. In a bizarre turn of events, a possibly drug-altered Glover offered to arm wrestle Letterman, before standing up, proclaiming "I can kick" and delivering a high kick inches from Letterman's face. The interview ended seconds thereafter.

(C) In 1989, Crispin released a music and spoken word album entitled "Big Problem Does Not Equal the Solution. The Solution = Let It Be." Featured on this album is a song called "Clowny Clown Clown"--Glover starred in its music video. The following lyrics are uttered over demented circus music:

I was walking on the ground/I didn't make a sound/And I turned around/I saw a clown/Clown, Clown/Clowny Clown clown/I hate you clown/With your ugly frown/Smiley lips/Think I'll clip you across the nose, clown/Want this cigar?

The album also featured a cover of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walking".

(D) Glover wrote, directed, produced, edited, and did the cinematography for a film called "What is It?" in which almost all of the characters are played by actors with Down's Syndrome. Selected character names from the IMDB listing of the film: "Outer Sanctum Mocking tormentor and walkie-talkie grabbing woman that cries later", "The minstrel's concubine, mocking tormentor and ultimate outer sanctum victor", "Inner sanctum concubine and outer sanctum girl who recognizes burning". Glover's character is "Dueling Demi-God Auteur and The young man's inner psyche".

(E) This guy is not absolutely fucking nuts.

Here's some video evidence.


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Al - your best post ever. Great video find.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that movie he made isn't funny. It's just disturbing.

al said...

anonymous - did I say it was funny and not disturbing?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you implied it. Also, your whole post makes no sense cuz Crispin Glover isn't even that likeable. He's just crazy.