Monday, May 02, 2005

Eat Breakfast With Al

Breakfast at Gourmet Heaven. Bacon egg and cheese on a hard roll please. Thanks. Can I get some ketchup with that? Oh, right, packets over here. Fantastic. At this point I spend 30 seconds trying to decide whether I need 2 or 3 Fancy Ketchup packets, before I realize what the fuck am I doing take 3 you fucking dickwad. Turns out I needed about 5. Those little fuckers are smaller than you think.

Get upstairs. Brought econometrics textbook with me. Final in 2 days. Trying to read while eating, but fucking douchebag debate/theater/something kid is reading some speech to some girl who looks mildly interested. What odds would I set on the kid being gay? 2-1? What about a parlay on kid gay and girl lesbian? 15-1? Now have attempted to read the same sentence from textbook 5 times. Fuck.

Beverage: Nantucket Nectars OJ. Happen to look under cap. It says "Houses on Nantucket are routinely moved to other sites on the island." Puzzled. Could it say this same thing under every cap? Is this an homage to Snapple, with only Nantucket-related facts? How many facts about Nantucket could there be? I guess it stands to reason. Snapple is made from the best stuff on Earth, so they got the planet covered, fact-wise. The people at NN are realists. No Earth claims, but Nantucket, boy, they fucking know Nantucket. Still, the whole point of the Snapple thing is that there is some hope of someone being at least a little bit interested in one of the facts. No real fact about Nantucket could ever possibly be interesting. If they were going to do this, they should at least make facts up. "Limericks are actually outlawed in Nantucket," or "Nantucket, contrary to popular belief, does not actually exist".

OK, back to textbook. One more shot. Hmm: "As a second example, consider the problem of estimating the causal effect of skipping classes on final exam score." I've only been to this class once all semester and that was to take the midterm. I wonder what the model would predict my exam score will be. GET OUT OF MY HEAD JEFFREY M. WOOLDRIDGE.

Walking back home. Shit, light about to turn. Run across! Wait, the walk sign just came on. I ran for no reason. Did anyone notice? Does anyone else feel stupid when they fuck this up?

Type up blog post. Do I say fuck too much? Eh, similar to ketchup packet situation. Not worth spending time thinking about it. Just grab a big fucking handful of them next time, you fat fat fat fat fat

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