Friday, May 06, 2005

Welcome Pocket Fives readers

I've noticed a lot of people have linked to Delino from a thread on For you fellow poker players out there, here's some poker-related comedy, courtesy of America's eternal teenager Kevin Nealon:

“In poker today, Phil Ivey was arrested by environmental police for flopping in the river. Reports indicated that he called Chris Moneymaker to bust him out, but Chris was detained by a pocket rocket coming over a Queen.”

On that thread, there was some discussion as to who "boolaboola" is. To answer your question, drum roll please...

-Rolf Slotboom
("Ace Speaks" is fine for my poker thoughts, but I need another outlet for my musings on other subjects)

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Vienna Mushroom White Sauce said...

Boolaboola is not rolf slotboom. There is simply no way that Rolf could play perfectly in 2-7 lowball the way Boola does. Perfect. Plus Rolf wears tight jeans and Boola Boola is fat.