Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Poor Noah

So I'm at the local Indian casino today and I run into a guy who hosts a private poker game that I play in when I am down in South Florida. We get to talking about how the game has not been going very often these days. To explain why, he says something like this, "Well, blah blah has been busy with work, so and so is tapped out, Noah's dead.."

He was very cavalier as he said this last bit, as if he were exaggerating to indicate the fact that he is never around anymore. Like if someone asked "Where has Tom been, he never parties anymore" and I reply "Yeah, well he's been really depressed about never having sex again, and he has a lot of computers to fix,"

and I think I got side-tracked here, but you get my drift anyway. So I'm about to chuckle here, and then I realize that Noah was actually the oldest guy playing in the game. He must have been 65 or 70. Could he have said it in that voice? Me: "Wait, like, really dead?" Him (consciously more sobered now): "Well, yeah, we think so. No one has been able to reach him for months."

Poor Noah.

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