Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Referrals/ Canadian coins

NOTE re the last post: I MAY be pictured in Sports Illustrated, it's unclear, but we're pretty certain that my co-blogger Tom's hands will be in there. Way to go Tom, keep shufflin'!

I checked the referrals and the link on Wikipedia and Google searches are yielding a shocking number of hits. Who is out there Googling Delino DeShields, let alone looking him up in the encyclopedia? Though I did learn that Delino is very knowledgeable about the history of black baseball players.

On an unrelated note, I've been getting an increasing number of Canadian coins (mostly pennies and quarters) given to me as change for American dollars. This puts me in a really awkward position as I try to pass them on to other merchants. I feel like I'm a CIA agent or something. Usually, I bury the Canadian coin under some American ones or give the money and leave really quickly. A real baller though would try to pay for some Ivy Noodle with this no-longer-valid Iraqi Dinar note:

Ivy Noodle Lady: This not dolla.
Baller: Yes it is, it's a ten.
Ivy Noodle Lady: This have Saddam Hussein picture.
Baller: Oh no, you're mistaken. That's former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. Did you know he was the first African-American on SCOTUS?
Ivy Noodle Lady: Well, I don't know America History very good. I accept bill, but you betta not sit in middle of six-person table. What if another party show up?!?!? SIT AT COUNTER!
Baller: Forget it, I'm going next door to get a quesadilla from Bulldog Burrito **

In other news today, President Bush recently gave a very funny speech to the National Press Club. It's true. Cameras were not let in, but our sources tell us that the best-received punchline of the night was "my record on education spending." Thank you folks, you've been a great audience.

** For you Delino fans out there, this is the first use of a link to a humorous picture that is not really what the text says in the history of this blog. Some scholars say that this practice began with Actual God, though others argue that the story is apocryphal. Still others argue that the story of the story being apocryphal is apocryphal itself. This is an exciting area of research, if anyone's looking for a paper topic! But don't go on and plagiarize their essay on the topic, Hypertext Hijinx: Blogs, Links, and the Marginalization of Native Americans in Mainstream Hollywood Cinema.


Tom said...

This is a great post. Though I must mention that the first use of a fake funny book title in a blog post occured in my short novella, Blogs, Blogging, Bloggerists

Nostradamus said...

Brilliant post. The Ivy Noodle scene hit too close to home for some of us.

mehes said...

I'll take your Canadian coins.