Friday, March 25, 2005

albert clifford slater, you can do better

watching saved by the bell: the college years. does it strike anyone else that AC slater can do a hell of a lot better? man, what an underachiever. i mean, i'm not gay, but you don't have to be boy george to see that this is a specimen of a man! i mean, am i wrong here?

jessie spano was not terrible looking, i guess. maybe she's just not my thing. i mean she was in showgirls so i guess some people might think she's really attractive.

but his girlfriend in the college years.. i'm not sure if she is always his girlfriend in the series or just in the episode i saw this morning. the character's name is "alex". she is real dumpy and pale and i just don't know what the deal is. and she is pretty annoying too, and nags slater and has nothing in common with him. it's bizarre. unfortunately i don't want to mess with posting her picture up here. but try this link. the girl i'm talking about is 2nd from the right, between zach and screech.

i mean, i'm not gay, right?


D2: The Mighty Ducks came on after SBTB:TCY. best morning of my life. now julie "the cat" gaffney (the goalie). that one, now that one is slater-worthy.


Anonymous said...

you're right about slater's girlfriend. the only pleasure slater could have gotten out of that relationship would have been from her worshiping him because she'd feel so lucky about dating someone a hundred times more attractive than her. but i guess he didn't play his cards right, because all he got was the most nagging, whiny, ugly bitch in saved by the bell history. by the way, the mighty ducks chick is really cute. she reminds me of natalie portman.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are awful. Leave the blogging to dan.

Anonymous said...

she does not look anything like Natalie Portman. As an amateur cladistician I would say the mighty ducks "chick" (duck-chick is a violation of the Biological species concept as formulated by Harvards now deceased Ernst Mayr) is as close to Natalie Portman as a Staphylococcus Aureus Bacterium is to a Nematode!

Anonymous said...

Issch dont think so!