Monday, March 28, 2005

meet the parents

so my girlfriend had been at her parents' house for the weekend. i called her home phone and her father, who i hate, answers. quick profile on daddy: football player in college, goes to church every sunday, cheats on his wife a lot. also, i think he is vaguely anti-semitic. but, of course i have to be nice.

she is not home and so i have to engage in a little conversation with dad. after he says she's not home, he asks "is this alex?" to which i reply "yes, how are you?". he says "umm, this is mr. _____". now i am thinking, what the fuck kind of response was that? and then i realize, he must have misheard me as saying "who are you?" which would be an incredibly weird and rude thing for me to say. but i'm not really confident enough in my read to be like "no, i said how are you, not who are you." if i am wrong, and he just didn't hear me at all, it will be incredibly awkward, and it will probably be awkward even if i am right. so i just let it go.

i'm almost sure he said "jew have a good night" before we hung up.

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