Wednesday, March 23, 2005

reckless with curtains

my laptop is busted. big surprise there since i treat it like absolute shit. anyway, the upshot of this is that i had to go over tom's tonight to pick up his extra laptop. also of note is the fact that tom's laptop is very very small and the keyboard is a pain in the ass to use. and the right shift button is about 1/4 the size of the capslock button. why? who uses the capslock button? so that's partly why i am not capitalizing anything.

i currently have no cell phone. so when i got to pierson, not only did i have no way to get into tom's entryway, i also had no way to contact him to let me in. of course, i told him beforehand to meet me downstairs, anticipating this problem, but he was not there.

so my first thought is to try to get someone on the first floor to let me in. so i notice that the lights are on in the first floor window to the right of the door. nice. so naturally i go up to the window. so now i have my head right up to the window, staring intently, mouth agape, looking for the inhabitant of this room. but it looks like no one is around. so i'm thinking about giving up, and then all of a sudden a girl comes into view.

she's changing. the girl is literally in her bra and panties and our eyes lock. what the fuck do i do now? who changes with the curtains open on the first floor?

in hindsight i should have just explained that i needed to get in the entryway. that probably would have been less suspicious than what i did, which was quickly look away and pretend that i had dropped a quarter in the grass.

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