Tuesday, March 29, 2005

O. J. Simpson Golf game

My friend Matt and I discussed over the summer the idea of going down to Florida to play golf with The Juice. We kind of forgot about it, but with the death of Johnnie Cochran today, I was just reminded of it. What interested me in the Juice besides the obvious was that in a New Yorker profile a while back, it seemed OJ was not repentant at all and was just a ridiculous human being- "O.J. makes humping motions behind women's backs, calls his 15-year-old daughter a bitch, tries to goad me -- a reporter, come to paint his picture -- into "admitting" that I've cheated on my wife or that I'm "into Christy" [Simpson's current girlfriend]."
Once I finish my bullshit school work, my number one priority is playing a round with the Juice. I plan on opening my conversation with him by saying, "How's the wife?"

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