Thursday, April 14, 2005

AKS robbed

My pony AKS lost the YCC election to some tool box who the YDN endorsed. I think there were severe irregularities in the voting, and I don't trust the electronic voting. Also, there was voter intimidation, especially of blacks. There was also voter intimidation of whites by blacks, as when I saw a black person wearing a "Syverud for President" button walk by when I was casting my vote, which was extremely intimidating. And AKS only lost by a margin of 56% to 15% - this is just too close to call. For all these reasons, I demand a recount. If Andrew Cedar or any of those YCC punks tell me that they can't have a recount because the bylaws won't allow it, I will tell him, like the fat negress Congresswomen in the beginning of Fahrenheit 9/11 told Al Gore, "Ah don't care about yo laws, Mistah Presahdent! Me and mah constituents was disenfranchised!" I would also add, as I'm sure these fine women meant to say, "Also, we need to put a cap on de price o' biscuits at Popeye's! 50 cent fo two biscuits?! It's criminal!"

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