Thursday, April 21, 2005


I went to get T-shirts advertising Not About Delino Deshields yesterday (will post pictures of them soon- they say "Blog it®" on the front), and had a great interaction with the employee at Campus Customs. He was kind of a low-key guy, with a lisp and a penchant for Matchbox Twenty. First, he tells me to write down what I want on the shirt. Cautiously, I write "Blog it®: Front, and Back." He looks at me like I'm insane- "Blog it? delinodeshields? Ok... right..." But then we get down to business, and I'm talking about silk screening and t-shirt color, etc. like I'm a real pro in the custom t-shirt business. This is going well.
THEN Tom shows up like a tsunami and changes the whole dynamic. Tom was being his usual loud, wise-cracking self, which this Campus Customs guy was not equipped to deal with. Below is a rough account of how it went down.

Tom: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. Blog it! T-shirt time.
Campus Customs guy (meekly): Um, hi, so, you're designing the t-shirt as well?
Tom: You bet I am. Huh, how about a little Gothic font for the Blog it, eh? Nudge nudge
Campus Customs Guy: Well, Gothic is not one of the fonts that costs extra, so that's...
Tom: Jeez, what's with this guy. It was a joke. Gothic? For the logo? This is a blog, not the Jekyll and Hyde restaurant in New York.
Campus Customs Guy: Oh um, OK. Sorry.
Tom: So what about a ringer, maybe some ringer action?
Dan: I don't know, that's a little much.
Tom: No ringer? What do you think (looking at the CCustoms guy's business card) Jeremy?
Campus Customs Guy: Um, I don't think we have any ringer t-shirts in right now but we could order some.
Tom: Jeremy, my man. We need those shirts ASAP. People need to know to Blog it!
Campus Customs Guy: Um, alright.

The campus customs guy might be reading the blog right now, since we gave him the address for the t-shirt. Fuck. Hey, I think you come across pretty well, Jeremy. Tom is the one who's ridiculous here, am I wrong?


Anonymous said...

when will these shirts be available to the public?

Anonymous said...

jekyll & hyde. g motherfucking c