Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nicholas D. Kristof's big screen debut

According to imdb.com, a new film is coming out called "King's Ransom," starring popular Negro entertainer Anthony Anderson, and introducing for the first time on the big screen New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof (his head is on the left side there). The plot summary is as follows: "Hoping to foil his own gold-digging wife's plan, a loathsome businessman (Anderson) arranges his own kidnapping, only to realize that there are plenty of other people interested in his wealth as well, such as Nicholas D. Kristof."


Anonymous said...

Wasn't he in Harry and the Hendersons?

Anonymous said...

User Comments:

A very good film!, 27 December 2002
Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.

Harry and the Hendersons is My favorite Bigfoot movie.
The late great Kevin Petter Hall was surely a huge man and could play his parts very well.
The cast was all good.Nicholas Kristof and Melinda Dillon put on good performances.
David Suchet put on a great performance.
The late great Don Ameche was very good and M. Emmet Walsh was good as well.
If you like Bigfoot movies then this movie is for you!

Anonymous said...

Horrible post, Dan.

Dan said...

Anonymous #3 you're an idiot, even if you turn out to be Meyvis, who is a math whiz kid.