Tuesday, April 19, 2005

meet jeremy arnold

meet jeremy arnold.

his "Poker Player Profile" is now featured on pokerpages.com.

wow is pokerpages getting desperate for material for this segment or what?

"Marital Status: Yes- 7 great yrs."
"Started playing poker: 2003"
"Favorite poker game: Hold'em" (big surprise here)
"Ambition: Church, and Family"

sounds like a real shark, right?

"Favorite Movie: Rounders, and any Sponge Bob Squarepants show"

i am not making this up.

"Favorite Music: Christian, 80's, classicle and some Pop"

classicle? does anybody over at pokerpages.com even look at this before they put it up? why am i reading this?

"Major Poker Accomplishments:None yet, but you'll see me soon! :) "

none yet? but you'll see me soon smiley fucking face? so basically i just read a profile of a middle-aged married man who has taken up poker in the last two years, probably playing once every few weeks with "the boys," while the little woman serves nachos or whatever.

i mean i guess this type of segment is just doomed from the get-go, because there is no way it could possibly be interesting. but it could be better than this, there are thousands of guys who are grinding it out online who at least have some poker credentials.

i hate when i type out a blog post and it's terrible, so i want to delete it, but i don't feel like it's terrible enough to warrant just throwing out the half hour of work or whatever that i put into it. if it were significantly worse, it would be an easy delete, and if it were better, i'd feel great about posting it. the tweeners are the tough ones. not that i'm talking about this particular post or anything. just saying.

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