Friday, April 15, 2005

New Ben and Jerry's Flavor

This just in, Ben and Jerry's is introducing a new ice cream flavor called "Berry Terri." The description on the website reads:

The raspberries and blueberries in Berry Terri help make this flavor super. But we can't divulge the ultimate secret source of Berry Terri's greatness. All we can say is that, of the majorly cool ingredients involved, the key player behind Berry Terri's awesomeness just happens to have been in a Persistent Vegetative State. And you'd expect to find this secret ingredient at "ASH"ley's, but you'll only find it at B & J's. Enjoy!

Hat tip to actual god.


Anonymous said...

too bad she was cremated. little chunks of schiavo cunt beats cherry garcia any day.

jeremy said...

the subject "chunks" does not agree in number with the verb "beats." please edit.